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Dux (Latin for "leader") refines distinguished leaders for a rebirth of leadership worldwide. Beyond the current state of global dysfunction there is a new breed of global leaders emerging. Leaders capable of understanding and influencing global issues while nourishing each individual's ability to gain insight and foster success. Each individual has the potential to better themselves and serve diverse communities with unique perspectives and complex cultural dynamics. It is time to be a part of the Leadership Renaissance.

Pursuing your passion for knowledge and leadership shouldn't be so hard.

Have you ever felt that, even though you are well educated and have established a great deal of experience and expertise, you still seem to fall short of your professional goals?

Wisdom is not about the accuracy of knowledge, it's about the completeness of it. -- Thomas Bishop

With a more complete understanding of cognitive processes and interactive dynamics you gain greater leadership insight for management and oversight activities. Learning with Dux is not so much about being told "what to know" or "what to do", it is about experiencing a greater understanding of your mind, how it processes, and optimizing your leadership potential.


Dux theorizes how we each uniquely process and relate to the world and gives you an opportunity to learn and understand your own world better -- how you see things, how you feel, and why you take the positions you do in conflicts.

By understanding your mind in this way you can realize new things about how you think differently from others and what your leadership potential is.


Dux is driven by theories and approaches that have been developed from over 30 years of clinical experience with cognitive and communicative disorders. We have expanded theory and practice to be more complete and compatible with different styles of thinking.

Rather than overriding and trying to control you, we invest in your ability to drive your own processes independently. 


Dux is built upon multiple theories of processing and a complex architecture of terminology and reference material. Dux library resources include content from writings that focus on 50 functional processes (1,250 subprocesses), 300 different mental elements (over 6,000 sub-elements), and offers the International Classification of Functional Processes, Agency, and Context (ICF) online, which provides the taxonomy for classification, typing, and coding of thousands of processes, situations, issues, axioms, principles, and elements.

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Leader membership

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  • Leaders may pursue the Certificate of Leadership Competence (CLC) and, upon completion, gain recognition with Global Leadership Status and the distinguished title of Dux

You are Important
(The simple truth is, DUX needs "you" in the middle of it.)