Navigating your new success

Within each individual there are billions of brain cells participating in an incomprehensible flow of processing that would take a lifetime to just define. There is much more to the functional brain and mind than you would ever be able to learn -- but, what is important is that you navigate your internal and external worlds to the best of your ability; and, that you use that ability to better yourself and others. So, let's start slow, learn the basic elements that are easy to grasp, and then move forward -- and don't stop.  more

Your idea of success

With a clear view of how you process you can understand who you are and why you think the way you do. This shows functional abilities that separate you from the pack -- and it reveals what other areas you can develop to be a more complete success.

Exceeding your idea of success

Optimal Processing refines the best functional version of yourself. Through deeper understanding you can see more potential -- and, through more complete processing you will find new successes that you never thought of before. 

Be every piece of the puzzle

Don't settle for learning which piece you are in a personality puzzle. Learn your biggest pieces and then learn how to be every last functional piece of yourself. Optimal Processing is all about the functional processing of the brain and how each functional aspect can be optimized.  more

Wisdom isn't about the accuracy of knowledge -- it's about the completeness of it. -- Thomas Bishop