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dux is Latin for "leader"

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What is Dux Society?

Distinguished leaders for a rebirth of leadership worldwide. 

Beyond the current state of global dysfunction there is a new breed of global leaders emerging. Leaders capable of understanding and influencing global issues while nourishing each individual's ability to gain insight and foster success. 

Each individual has the potential to better themselves and serve diverse communities with complex cultural dynamics. It is time to Meet the Leader in You.

Mind and Thought Series

Membership benefits include online access to reference content from all weekly Monographs in the Mind and Thought Series. These monographs feature a variety of elements related to functional processes of the mind. Monographs are for use as reference material for challenging questions and discussion -- as well as in coursework for leadership certification.

Reference Publications

Membership benefits include online access to reference content from the following publications: Cognitive Subprocess Terminology (2017), Consciousness Theory: New Insight into Your Mind and Thought (2008), Ducological Terminology (2017), Elemental Terminology: Defining Elements of the Mind (2018), LEADERSHIP: Axioms of Optimal Processing (2018), Valence Terminology (2017).

Leadership Certification

Membership benefits include online access to *upcoming* courses for leadership certification. Dux Society offers the Certificate of Leadership Competence for certification and "Dux" status. Dux Candidates will be developing the experience, knowledge base, and skillsets required to support a leadership role or position. Leadership assets are applicable on a global stage.

Anyone. Anything. Anywhere.
Be a part of the Leadership Renaissance.

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